Blue opal

Peruvian blue opal is also sometimes
called Andean Opal or Peruvian Opal.


Discover the blue opal of Peru

What does the name of the opal mean?

Opal “comes from the Latin” opalus “which in turn derives from the Greek” opallios “, but the original source of the name is probably a Sanskrit word:” upala “(gemstone).

The Peruvian blue opal is also sometimes called Andean Opal or Andean Opal. Some merchants, referring to its magnificent color of the Caribbean Sea, also call itParaïba Opal because its color is similar to that of the famous tourmalines from the eponymous region of Brazil.

blue opal
from Peru?

As its name suggests this opal comes from Peru . It is mainly found in the desert region of Nasca famous for its geoglyphs, in an area between the Pacific Coast and the Andes Cordillera.

The mines are in the mountains and we work exclusively directly with a family of miners of the area to provide us. At Bello Gems we avoid intermediaries in order to return the sums saved to minors and set up a fair and responsible chain .

The veins of raw opal measure between 1cm and 5cm thick therefore gem quality stones of 5 carats and above are exceptional!

What are the colors of Peruvian opal?

Peruvian opals offer a palette that covers all shades from turquoise blue to green . Some are of a very intense turquoise blue reminiscent of the color of Paraiba tourmaline, while others, much paler, more like aquamarine and sometimes even moonstone.

The colors can range from pastel to a very intense and saturated tone , offering for the same color an unlimited quantity of nuances. There are also some that let appear “ dendrites Which look like small ferns of brown-black color that create beautiful landscapes in the stone. In the same area we also find pale pink opals.

The shades of opals from Peru

Scientific data

  • Chemical formula : Si02.n (H²0) where water represents between 3% and 6% it is the stone which contains the most water hence its sensitivity to heat
  • Origin of color : mineral micro-inclusions mainly composed of Cu2 + (divalent copper)
  • Refractive index : 1.45
  • Relative density : between 2 and 2.1
  • Hardness : between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale
  • Amorphous stone
  • All the opals offered on our site are 100% natural and have not undergone any treatment .