The manufacture of a jewel requires the intervention of a large number of experts from the mine to the polishing of the finished jewel. 

We have decided to set up collaborations with experts in each field relating to the creation of a jewel: miners, lapidaries, jewelers, jewelers, seamer, polisher, traders … we want to be able to offer a solution to our customers. whatever their desires!

Puréclats (Lyon) :

Lionel is a precision cut specialist in France. We have set up a collaboration where we provide him with the rough and Lionel has carte blanche to achieve a cut that will maximize the beauty of our stones.

Lionel is also part of the “Master Piece Collective” which brings together 16 lapidary artists recognized internationally. Their goal is to present exceptional gems and jewelry to the public.

Atelier n°5 (Marseille) :

Being a jeweler is a profession that touches the intimate, where the trust of the client is an honor given to the craftsman. Repairing, transforming, creating and manufacturing a piece of jewelry is a passion for Bérengère. This is the reason why Bello Gems has set up a collaboration with Atelier n ° 5 and created unique, elegant and modern jewelry.

Frediani (Nice) :
Gemstones merchant

The Frediani family has been involved in the gem trade for over 40 years. Member of the famous ICA (International Gemstones Association) his name is synonymous with seriousness and quality.
Via its website you can choose a stone then select the jeweler closest to you, among the hundreds of referent points of sale. You can thus see the selected gems and benefit from the advice of your jeweler, jeweler.
Bello Gems has set up a distribution partnership with the Frediani house where we offer exceptional stones. In exchange, these can be distributed via the network of 700 points of sale.