Blue Opal Pear Cabochon 21x15mm

218,00  HT

STYLE : Cabochon
SHAPE : Pear
TRANSPARENCY : Translucent
COLOUR : Deep Turquoise Blue
QUALITY : Commercial
LENGTH : 21mm
WIDTH : 15mm
DEPTH : 6mm
OBSERVATIONS : White and yellowish inclusions at the basis of the pear

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“The deep blue attracts man to infinity, it awakens in him the desire for purity and a thirst for the supernatural.” Kandinsky

This Andean opal takes us to the bottom of a supernatural and infinite ocean with its solid turquoise blue.
It is a drop of water, its clouds in white veils give it a velvety appearance, a smooth and harmonious shine. The rare inclusions remind us that this “crystallized water” comes from a desert where water has been worshiped for millennia.
The dimensions of this Andean Blue Opal (21x15x6mm for 8.7cts) make it a wonderfully suited piece for a pendant.

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